#19 Missing Summer

sunset-in-dapitan 2
Summer has its own way of tugging at my heart the most. Perhaps, because it brings back memories swirling around me like happy shadows. It has its own way of reminding me of truths that I already know but have somehow forgotten. It’s teaching me to embrace the place, the space, where I exactly need to be.

How have you been? Hope all is well in your side of the world. Ah, it’s great to be back.

Photo taken in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

#16 Hammocks

I love times like this when I am completely absorbed into the moment, listening to a long stretch of silence and to my own heart beat. The soft quiet of this simple day being spent lounging in these hammocks is pure bliss.

I’m back. Hope you all had a blast welcoming the new year. Big, big thanks to those who dropped in while I was away.

#15 Merry Christmas!

I will be traveling to my folks’ hometown where I may not have internet access until the first week of January, because not all the islands in my country have internet connection yet. So this is to wish everyone celebrating Christmas happy holidays and to thank you for your visits.

I’m leaving you with this photo for now. May we all learn to decipher the symbols soaked in the beauty surrounding us.
wawa1 2

See you in 2013!