#5 Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

How do you escape?

Do you lie quietly in a hammock and lull yourself to sleep?

Do you listen to a long stretch of silence and to your own heart beat, completely absorbed into the moment?

Do you let your heart lead the way to a familiar place that fills your heart with simple joys and pleasures?

Do you shout out your heart’s content and let the echo of your voice dissipate your crowded thoughts?
bedazzled 2

Or do you bravely take a leap and take some risks, despite your fluttering heart beat?

I’m participating in the LetsBeWild.com Wild Weekly Photo Challenge. Hop on over to their site and have fun joining each challenge.

Big, big thanks to Let’sBeWild.com for the honorable mention awarded to my entry to the previous photo challenge themed “Weather.” I am grateful and inspired to take more photos.


10 thoughts on “#5 Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

    • Hi Sean, thanks for your kind words.

      Indeed, each of us has his or her own path to our escape zone. The important thing is that we are able to have some time and some place to escape to when we need to.

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