Hello and thank you for stopping by.

In the ordinary world where I wander in, life can be pretty stressful. One day, I realized I needed some diversions. And because I’ve always had this interest for the outdoors, I decided to go on some weekend nature trips to unwind.

Each of these trips would recharge my body and spirit and fill my mind with images of azure skies, sapphire waves, amazing landscapes, and memories of incredible people I’ve met along the way. I soon decided to document these experiences by taking photographs. Right after I took my first picture, I realized it satisfied some creative needs I initially wasn’t aware I had. Thus began my journey as a photography enthusiast.

“Next Picture, Please,” is a reminder to myself to take more pictures. And with this, I hope, will come new learnings in taking photographs and new realizations on the life that presents itself in front of my lens.

I’ll use this blog to document my progress as I learn to take pictures on my own. I shoot randomly and currently pursue several themes. All the images here are accompanied with my random thoughts.

Wish me luck and join me as I continue sharing my visual experiences and celebrating life one picture at a time.

Picture Usage
If you wish to use or blog a photo from here, please let me know where you’re posting it. Thank you.